Ben Zingraff

I have now moved with Barry and his team on three separate occasions in NYC. Since the first move went very smoothly, it seemed natural to call him again for my other moves. Barry and his team always were extremely courteous and worked quickly and efficiently during each move. They were very focused in gathering up my things, loading them on the truck and unloading them at our destination. They never rushed thereby avoiding any unnecessary damage to any of my things.

On each occasion I made a lot of preparations, packing my things into suit cases, boxes and even wrapping my furniture items so not to waste time when Barry’s team arrived. However some of the items were too large for me to wrap on my own so Barry’s team swiftly stepped in and wrapped everything before it was moved.

Barry has proven to be always reliable, honest and trustworthy and I have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend him to anyone who is about to go through the stressful period of moving one’s things into a new home.

I very much appreciate Barry making my life a little bit easier during the very hectic time of my move.