Diane Anastasio Simonson

I needed several very large items moved out of my apartment. Since it was not a full move, no company was interested in helping me. Added to that, I recently had my apartment freshly painted, AND my building just installed a new elevator. I went with Moving UR Way. The price quote was more than fair – no hidden charges or ‘hustle’. Two men arrived right on time – and I thought “Two men?’ But they quickly dismantled a large (heavy) bed-frame and took it out taking great care with my narrow hallway walls. Lugged out a bazzilion pound Temperpedic mattress (oh, yes – and fully wrapped it as per the City ‘bed-bug” requirements – I don’t have bed-bugs BTW…just saying, they knew what they were doing and thought ahead.) Everything was removed seamlessly, with care to my apartment, and the common areas (elevator, remember?) Carried down the stairs to the basement and up a ramp to the street. I was hovering and nervous about scrapes and possible damage to my walls and the elevator. The crew head was patient and sensitive to that. They also delivered twelve boxes of ceramic tile to my storage unit. It was an odd job – one that I needed professional movers for. I was very impressed. These are good people – a family run business that respects their clients. Good people. Clearly, I highly recommend this company – and they will be my ‘go to’ movers from now on. Wow, honesty and consideration in the world of mover? Amazing.