Job Description and Business Information

Once we arrive, we evaluate the parking situation, weighing all the options to place the back of the truck closest to the doorway we will be using to offload the truck. Once parking has been decided, a quick walk through is made of the new home. This is the time the customer needs to be with us, usually placing his or herself in the doorway to direct each mover, or pair of movers, as they tackle the heavy furniture pieces off the truck, to the door and finally through the door way and into the various rooms, as directed by our client.

Once all the furniture is in place, we stop unloading to take off the blankets, cut through the stretch wrapping, fold away the cardboard shielding, to then reassemble anything and everything that needs reassembling. The bed frames, head, foot boards and side rails are screwed in place. The mirrors from the dressers are screwed back in place. Each pieces is carefully arranged and set in place directed by our client or clients. Husbands and Wives dispute the placements, sometimes quickly, sometimes loudly, sometimes leaving the final arrangements for later, rather than run the time.

Furniture done, now is the time we offload the boxes/crates/containers of various shapes and sizes. This box upstairs in the hall, that box to the kitchen, those duffel bags to the back laundry room. On and on this goes, until the last box has been hauled in and left in place, again as directed by our client.

A final walk through of the truck is made with our client. Once the client sees everything has been offloaded, he or she sign the final signature, stating everything has been delivered, and homeward bound the Movers go, leaving the Happy Client to their next step of unpacking.

With three different sized vehicles to choose from, Moving Ur Way accepts jobs of all sizes. We move the large 2 – 4 bedroom Westchester Homes, we move the cramped 1 bedroom Manhattan apartment, we move the 2 bedroom medium sized Queens Home, the Brooklyn Loft, the Studios, we even move the smallest of moves. With the cargo van we often move the smallest of moves consisting of 10 boxes or 1x 55 inch flat screen television. Whatever your moving needs, Moving Ur Way is here to fill them.

While our central office location is in Westchester, Tarrytown, our servicing territories are wide and far due to the fact that we have our trucks and crews parked and living wide and far. Under the Brooklyn Bridge is parked our trucks servicing all 5 boroughs, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Manhattan. At 125th street in Manhattan, under the GWB ( George Washington Bridge ) sit other Moving Ur Way Vehicles, servicing upper Manhattan, The Bronx, New Jersey and finally we have our Westchester, Tarrytown parking, servicing all Westchester, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and beyond.

Moving Ur Way is New York State Licensed, which allows us to move anywhere in NYS, allows us to move from anywhere in the United States to NYS and finally, allows us to move from NYS to anywhere, any State, Nation Wide.

Moving Ur Way uses State Issued Contracts and Order for Service forms.These contracts and forms document the move and double as payment receipts. Payment is accepted in Cash or Pay Pall at this time.

Moving Ur Way, being a fully Insured Mover, can provide your building a COI ( Certificate of Insurance ). The broker charges $20.00 per COI they prepare, we do not charge for the COI. You’ll provide us your buildings requirements, we’ll pass this information on to our insurance broker, and the broker will prepare and send you the completed COI.

Every truck comes to the move equipped with the following : a stack of moving blankets, dollies and hand trucks, a full line of boxes and packing supplies, Book, Linen, China, mirror/picture, wardrobe boxes, tape, plastic shrink stretch wrap, packing paper, tie downs, rope, TOOLS, and a DRILL.

Moving you is not our only concern. We aim to create an atmosphere allowing You, the customer to see we are taking care of all your moving needs. We aim to bring ease to the process, to allow you the freedom of mind to focus on other details. Moving is a stressful time. We aim to take this stress from your shoulders and carry the load. Moving is also costly. Visit our web sight to read articles, blogs and other information informing You how to save money on your move. Preparing for your move. Blogs on packing everything from a simple book box, linen box, china box, wardrobe box, to preparing and packing even the most complicated glass/breakables. Where to get Free Boxes and more. Moving Ur Way is not out to take your last penny. Our Aim is to save you money, keeping you smiling and Happy during the moving process so you will tell others, when they are looking for movers, to call “Moving Ur Way” for all their moving needs.

Please visit our FB page and our Website. Read the blogs. Read the testimonials. Our Goal is to move you so well, that after your move, you too will write good, positive things about your moving experience moving with “MOVING UR WAY”.