New York City to New York City

Last week my mover canceled on me 1 hour before our morning appointment was to begin. The company we hired was referred to me by a close relative and I was counting on them to do a good job. I was to frightened to hire any mover without having a sure idea that this mover would be careful as I have a house full of antiques and furniture items that have sentimental value and cannot be simply repaired or replaced. In the last minute, I called Barry from a card I had found a year before in the mailbox room of my apartment complex. Tossing the card into the one drawer I had not yet cleaned out, served me well, as when I opened the drawer to find my telephone book to call my relative, to tell him how his trusted mover had just canceled on me in the last minute, I saw this card. Barry answered the telephone, told me to relax, stay calm and he would put a team together and be over to my place within a short while. Needless to say, I was not able to relax, or stay calm, I only had these set hours to move out and even less hours to move in, both being elevator buildings and both having set times to use the elevators for moving. When Barry and his team of 3 movers arrived, I immediately felt a sense of calm and balance.
With blankets in hand, there was hardly a hello as all 4 men went to work wrapping my delicate furnishings and valued sentimental trappings. It was a lesson in team work to watch these guys. They worked like a finely tuned clock. It seemed like only minutes had past before dollies where being rolled through the front door, down the hall, into the elevator and lastly unto their Moving Truck. Barry only stopped working to ask a question here and there, “what is your greatest concern?”, which pieces need the most attention?”, “Tell me a story about this lovely Desk and Hutch, it must be a 100 years old?”.
I felt an ease on his part to conduct his business, instruct his team, and relax my nerves all without hesitating. In the end, my Move was completed past the deadline, but Barry talked with the elevator man and worked out something, because even after the time had past, the elevator was still under our control, till the last boxes where brought up.
WOW, what luck. I took a chance with only a simple business card, moved with a mover I never heard of, whom was not referred to me, but this mover saved the day, last minute, served me with the greatest kindness, and performed the most skilled moving maneuvers I had ever seen. I shared more than a Heart Felt Thank You, but also again From the Bottom of my Heart, Thank You Barry and your team of Great Movers.